PUPPY PRE-SCHOOL  -  Just like our children it is so
important for our Puppies to attend PRE-SCHOOL to
aid in creating a good foundation for their continuing
education and to help build their self-confidence.

Four Paws U - Offers sessions to help both you and your
Puppy get off to a good start using positive training methods
to enhance and build your relationship through better
communication and understanding.  We start off in your
home then take it on the road to practice those skills in
BASIC HOME ETIQUETTE - For the adolescent or adult dog
who needs a little guidance to fit in with its human home

Four Paws U - Offers classes to enable you to better
communicate with your canine companion, utilizing a reward
marker to assist in learning new behaviors and guidelines for
using the appropriate behaviors.

GROUP DYNAMICS FIELD TRIPS - (pre-requisite Basic Home
Etiquette)  Taking you and your dog on the road.  These are 6
week group classes reinforcing the "Basic Home Etiquette"
behaviors that we have learned together in a controlled
setting and applying them in a field trip setting.  We will meet
at a different location around OC (even beyond depending on
interest) and strut our stuff.  This enables you and your
canine companion to practice the skills you have developed
together in a fun and varied setting.